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Vlad-Ștefan Harbuz

I've been programming since I was a kid, and I want to make programming better. I'm one of the core developers of the Hare programming language, and I'm also currently working on building a game engine from scratch and creating an unannounced desktop application. I also try to teach others to appreciate programming things from scratch.

I live in London and am studying towards an MA in Philosophy at UCL. I spend a lot of my time thinking about ways to change the way we think about work.

Previously, I ran a software company for 10 years and made retro gaming devices.

I post on my microblog. I care about kindness and socioeconomic equality, music, languages, and I love cats and birds.


MA PhilosophyUniversity College London (2023)
MSc Computational Biology and BioinformaticsETH Zürich + Universität Basel (interrupted)
BSc Computer Science First ClassUniversity of Manchester (2016)
previously Basel
previously Berlin
previously Manchester
previously Bucharest